Sample of Francis Scott Key's manuscript of the Star Spangled Banner

This blog is a work in progress. It's purpose it to provide an interactive forum for comments, questions, and information about Historical Autograph collecting.

I'm Barb Pengelly, and I've been a dealer and collector for more than 25 years. My website has been on the internet for 15 of them. Now, I'm semi-retired but still very interested in the hobby.

New readers need to know that this not the place to discuss sports or entertainment area of autograph collecting, and please, no information on "signings." Other blogs do that quite well.

Now, come on and join in!


Long-time customers may be familiar with this article from my previous website. However, I thought it worth repeating. Autographs and documents can be damaged forever by improper storage and handling. The lignin in wood-pulp paper reacts with light and air… Read more